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Cancer Research UK

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I always knew that when I made music I would want to help support a charity in some way. I have decided that a portion of the money I earn from my music will go to Cancer Research UK and by that I mean from singles and from my album when that is released. There are many great causes but I chose this one for two main reasons:

1. I have had someone close to me recently diagnosed with cancer, go through treatment and come out the other end and that is partly thanks to the work that this charity does in looking at treatments to battle the disease.

2. I work as a GP and I have patients at all stages of the journey of this illness and there is only so much I can do as an individual but supporting this charity is something I can and choose to do.

There are many great causes. Thank you to anyone who does the little they can to help others. Stay blessed x

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